modus ponens

I think if you want to destroy something, you’ve got to know what it is you’ve got in your hand to destroy. To confront the world we live in, you’ve got to know a lot of the craft to turn it in on itself. The jazzers or the avant-gardists, they know how to do all the classical stuff, they know their instruments inside-out, that’s why they can make it turn all sorts of shapes and colours.

— Gee Vaucher

The biggest problem you face when introducing a new abstract game, is how to make a player aware of the difference between a good move and a bad move. Most will get the impression of wasting time if they don’t start having a clue about what to do after, let’s say, two games. If the click hasn’t come by then, most will never start a third game.


Love this band & this intimate version of the song, recorded with one microphone at a high school in Lawrence, Kansas.  This class must be amazing.  They’ve had artists like Typhoon, Shaky Graves, Jim James, The Civil Wars, The Head & the Heart, Nightbeds and more, perform for their room125 productions.  Pretty awesome sounding high school.